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Doorking DKS MicroPLUS

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Doorking DKS MicroPLUS remotes come with 3-button (8071), 2-button (8070) and 1-button(8069) variants. The specific model numbers are listed below:

1-button: 8069-080

2-button: 8070-080

3-button: 8071-080

1-button with HID prox chip: 8069-084

2-button with HID prox chip: 8070-084

3-button with HID prox chip: 8071-084

We are currently in the process of developing the self-learning DKS MicroPLUS remotes. Please stay tuned for the upcoming self-learning DKS MicroPLUS remotes

What is a genuine OEM remote?

A genuine OEM remote is a remote made by Doorking. Each DSK MicroPLUS remote comes with a unique serial number. Therefore it needs to be programmed into the system by your management office in order to be able to open the garage door. Before you purchase a genuine OEM remote, you need to talk to your management office and make sure they can program your newly purchased remote into the system.

What is a self-learning remote?

A self-learning remote will look different than the original remote. The self-learning remote is able to copy the code from the original remote into itself. Before you purchase a self-learning remote, you need to make sure you have a working DKS MicroPLUS remote that can open the garage door. Please note, the self-learning remote can only duplicate the remote part. If you need the tap part (tap the remote to access the lobby door or elevator), you will need to purchase a fob.