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Keyscan/Verex ELVUTOA ELVUT0A Remote

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Keyscan no longer makes Keyscan ELVUTOA ELVUT0A remotes. Therefore, we cannot sell you an OEM remote.

Keyscan ELVUT0A and Verex ELVUT0A remotes are made by Nutek Corporation (閎泰科技). FCC ID: ELVUT0A. The remotes come with 2 or 4 button variants. Our self-learning remotes are compatible with Keyscan ELVUT0A and Verex ELVUT0A remotes. Programming instruction will be provided with your purchase. You can duplicate your remote with our self-learning remotes in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Please note, the self-learning remote only copies the button part (press button to open the garage gate). It does not copy the tap part (tap to unlock the entrance door). If you want to get the tap part copied. You can purchase a fob from this link: Clone Key Fob.

If you are a condo management board and your property still uses the Keyscan ELVUTOA ELVUT0A system, Keyscan has stopped shipping Keyscan ELVUTOA ELVUT0A remotes. We offer compatible remotes that work with your existing system at a very competitive price. Bulk preprogrammed remotes can be purchase here: Keyscan ELVUTOA ELVUT0A Remotes.


What is a self-learning remote?

A self-learning remote will look different than the original remote. The self-learning remote is able to copy the code from the original remote into itself. Before you purchase a self-learning remote, you need to make sure you have a working remote that can open the garage door. Please note, the self-learning remote can only duplicate the remote part. If you need the tap part (tap the remote to access the lobby door or elevator), you will need to purchase a fob.