Indala® FlexKey® Keytag Compatible Fobs

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Our Indala® compatible fobs work with your existing HID® Indala® or Keyscan Indala® or Motorola system.

There are two major types of Indala fobs used in the USA and Canada. They look identical from the outside. But the internal coding is different. Please choose the correct encoding format. If you are not sure what format works with your system, you can check the box for your last order. You can also contact us, we can help you find out what format your system use.

The FC (Facility Code) for all the fobs we sell is 1. If you need other FC, please leave it in the comment box when placing your order. The CN (Card Number) for all the fobs we sell are laser engraved on the fobs.

Our fobs will look like the one below: