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Our cloner is able to copy all commonly used RFID key fobs or office building access cards used in the USA and Canada.

The only ones we do not support are:

1. UHF tag. This type of RFID tags are usually used as long range vehicle tag to access the parking garage or used for vehicle identification on toll road;

2. MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire based tags;

3. Any other RFID chip not used for access control such as credit card, public transportation card, passport RFID chip.

Eligibility for our partners price

We require you have a retail space in major cities in US and Canada close to major high rise condo buildings. Here is a good example: A convenient store located in downtown Calgary, AB. The only exception is if you are a mobile locksmith and do not have a fixed retail store front.

How to Get the Software

Please visit Software Download page.



Video tutorial will be added soon.

Manual Draft V0.3


Partners Pricing:

For partner's purchase. Free standard shipping on order over $100.

 Fob Cloner Price (CAD) Price (USD)
Fob cloner by itself (USB-C and Full size USB cable included) $150 $100
Basic startup kit (Items listed above + 6X LF fobs + 2X M4 fobs) $230 $160
Full startup kit (Items listed above + 2X iCLASS fobs + 2X M7 fobs + 2X N4 fobs + 2X N7 cards $350 $240


Basic startup kit can cover most common key fobs used in the USA and Canada, that will able to copy about 85% of the RFID key fobs in the USA and Canada.

We recommend all partners getting the full startup kit. Full startup kit can cover almost all key fobs used in the USA and Canada, that will cover at least 95% of the RFID key fobs in the USA and Canada. The extra special key fobs are expensive to purchase separately. For end consumers, these type of fobs also carry a premium price. There are 8 special tags included with the kit for just $120 CAD or $80 USD extra. You only need to sell one or two to cover the full cost.

LF, M4 Tags

Minimum order quality Price per tag (CAD) Price per tag (USD)
10 $10 $7
50 $8 $5


iCLASS, M7, N4, N7 Tags

Minimum order quality Price per tag (CAD) Price per tag (USD)
5 $20 $15


Garage Door Remote

Minimum order quality Price per remote (CAD) Price per remote (USD)
2 $30 $25
10 $25 $20
26 $20 $15


The remotes we carry are Remocon RMC-285CHML self-learning remotes. The remote supports Linear, Keyscan/Verex ELVUTOA, CDVI, Kantech  as well as some very old remotes.


Instruction for cloning:


Warranty and Terms of Sales for Partners

Due to the much lower price we offer to partners. No return for partners' purchase. We offer a 1-year warranty for all equipment we sell to partners. We also offer a lifetime warranty for the RFID tags and remote for partners as long as there's no sign of wear and tear on the RFID tags and remotes. Warranty does not cover dead battery in the remotes. For warranty claim, the partners are responsible for shipping.

USD price quoted above only applies to customers physically located in the United States.