Our in-store pricing is listed below:

Key fob/card USD CAD

$30 each

$40 each
HID iCLASS (*), Secura Key e*Tag $45 each $60 each
HID Seos/Yale $60 each $80 each

 * Additional $20 USD or $30 CAD one time decryption fee for HID iCLASS SE tags.


UHF parking tag USD CAD
Nedap uPass $40 each $50 each



 Garage door remote USD CAD
ACT, Paradox, Linear, Keyscan/Verex/Condoplex ELVUT0A, CDVI $40 each $60 each
DKS, ICT, Keyscan K-TX2, Farpointe Data/RBH/Cansec, Kantech $60 each $80 each
Extra fobs with the remote purchase $15 each $20 each

The remotes we sell can only act as a garage door remote. The remotes we sell does not have a prox chip built-in. If your original remote has a prox chip, i.e. if you can tap your original remote to access the entrance door, your cloned remote will not have this feature. You will have to purchase a separate fob for the tap part to function.

  • All purchases come with 1 year warranty (1).
  • We price match with other condo key fob copy businesses in your area. However, our store do not match with our online price!
  • Volume discount available for the condo management office, property management office, realtors. 

1. Warranty does not cover your fob stops working due to your original fob gets deactivated by your management office.