Our in-store pricing is listed below:

Key fob/card USD CAD
Regular $30 each $40 each
HID iCLASS, Secura Key e*Tag $45 each $60 each
HID Seos card $60 each $80 each
HID Seos fob $80 $100 each


UHF parking tag USD CAD
Nedap uPass $40 each $50 each


 Garage door remote USD CAD
ACT, Paradox, Linear, Keyscan/Verex/Condoplex ELVUT0A, CDVI $40 each $60 each
DKS, ICT, Keyscan K-TX2, Farpointe Data/RBH/Cansec, Kantech $60 each $80 each
Extra fobs with the remote purchase $15 each $20 each

The remotes we sell can only act as a garage door remote. The remotes we sell does not have a prox chip built-in. If your original remote has a prox chip, i.e. if you can tap your original remote to access the entrance door, your cloned remote will not have this feature. You will have to purchase a separate fob for the tap part to function.

  • All purchases come with 1 year warranty (1).
  • We price match with other condo key fob copy businesses in your area. However, our store do not match with our online price!
  • Bulk order discount available for the condo management office, property management office, realtors. 

Note: Warranty does not cover your fob stops working due to your original fob gets deactivated by your management office.