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HID iCLASS Decoder can decode HID iCLASS SE, HID iCLASS Seos as well as HID encoded MIFARE DESFire EV1 tag into an HID ID. With the HID ID, you are able to clone the tag with the help of an MKF RFID Condo Key Fob Cloner (no longer offered) or a HID® iCLASS SE® CP1000 Encoder.

  • Large e-paper display, easy to read the HID ID and can display HID ID even when the power is removed.
  • Ultra-small, only need one 9V battery to operate. Ideal for mobile locksmiths operation.
  • Accept 9V or 12V DC input. A high-quality 9V battery is included.
  • Designed and handmade in Canada.

Please note, in order to clone an HID iCLASS SE or HID iCLASS Seos, you will need both the MKF HID iCLASS Decoder and the MKF RFID Condo Key Fob Cloner (no longer offered) or n HID® iCLASS SE® CP1000 Encoder.