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MKF RFID Condo Key Fob Cloner

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Our product is based off open source project Proxmark3. Proxmark3 project is under GNU GPL license which has strong copyleft requirement. That means every line of code change will need to be made to public. That will make us difficult to bring up some feature specific to locksmith industry. Software download page has been removed from our website. We have already started developing our own hardware. Our new hardware will eliminate the use of high cost FPGA chip and will be base on the more popular and lower cost NXP chip. Please stay tuned for our new hardware!


Our cloner is the same equipment used by us as well as our partner stores. The cloner is based on open source hardware Proxmark3 with in house developed software. Our software is easy to use. We currently support Windows 10 PC and Android phone.

Our cloner is the most powerful condo key fob cloner in the world. We have the following features:

  1. Wide range of support. Almost all RFID condo key fobs and office building key card and used in the United States and Canada are supported. See a full list of supported tags below.
  2. Easy to use. Just push button read and write, you are done.
  3. Fast operation. Most key fobs can be cloned in just couple of seconds.
  4. Automatic validation. All key fobs our cloner make is validated automatically to guarantee it will work.
  5. Our cloner can create new fobs based on facility code and card number. You can use this feature to supply key fobs to condo management business as well as copy key fobs by just using the serial number printed/engraved on the key fob.
  6. All read and write history are kept on your system. You can view clone history and create new key fobs from the log file.
  7. 1 year warranty. Life time free software upgrade.

Supported tag types

 Tag type Comments
125 kHz (commonly called low frequency) tag All commonly used 125 kHz condo key fob and office building access card used in the United Stated and Canada are supported.
MIFARE Classic

All MIFARE Classic tags are supported with only a few exemptions:

  1. Fully encrypted tag(we have never seen this type in the US and Canada);
  2. Non-standard implementation of MIFARE Classic technology, these type of tags use static-nonce. So far, we have only found LOC International tags use this type of technology as hotel room key or condo suite key.
  • HID iCLASS (legacy) and HID iCLASS SR are both supported out of the box.
  • HID iCLASS SE, HID iCLASS Seos are supported along with our HID iCLASS decoder (sold separately)
  • HID iCLASS Elite and HID iCLASS SE Elite are not supported at this moment. Please note, HID iCLASS Elite and SE Elite are only found in some office buildings. As far as we know, these type of technology is never used in the condo buildings.

Non supported tags

Due to low popularity, we do not support the following tags, the following tags are only used in less than 1% of the market share in the US and Canada.

  • Any RFID tags not used for access control such as credit card, transit card.
  • UHF tags (usually used as vehicle tags).
  • MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight, NTAG213/NTAG215/NTAG216 tags. 

What's in the box

  • MKF RFID Condo Key Fob Cloner X 1
  • 2 ft / 60 cm USB-C cable X 1
  • 3 ft / 1 m USB-A cable X 1
  • Key fobs are not included in the package. Please order key fobs separately.


Open source hardware and firmware declaration

The hardware is based on the Proxmark3 Easy. The firmware is based on RFID Research Group's proxmark3 repro.


Notes for oversea customers

Our product only targets the US and Canada market. We get lots of requests from oversea markets. Please note, oversea markets use different access control systems, our product is unlikely to fit your need. Especially the MIFARE Classic family. Some Asian elevator access control system use rolling code technology to prevent you from using duplicated MIFARE Classic key fobs. We recommend oversea customers purchase cloners from eBay or AliExpress. The handheld RFID cloners from China only cost around $30. We also get lots of requests from Asian Pacific countries inquire about HID iCLASS support. We only support the clone of the Access Control portion of your fob/card (i.e. unlock the door). If your HID iCLASS fob is also used for vending machine, meal payment card or any fare related function, our machine will not copy the fare payment portion to the new fob/card.

If you are oversea customers and still want to purchase our product for RFID research, please purchase the shipping label yourself and email us your shipping label. Or you can use any parcel forwarding service located in the United States at your choice. Our business is registered in Colorado, USA. So any address outside Colorado is not subject to sales tax.