Get Your Condo Key Fobs Copied Today!

Visit one of our partners store or order your key fobs online!

- Most key fobs can be cloned in just under 1 minute.

- All online orders are processed the same day.

Clone your new fob online

Our guarantee

  • Multiple Duplication methods

    • Visit one of our stores.
    • Order online based on your serial number.
    • Rent an RFID cloner free of charge.
    • Mail your key fob in.

  • Professional Service

    We can copy almost all condo, apartment, office building key fobs and access cards. We also copy some condo garage door remotes.

  • One Year Warranty

    One year limited warranty on all products we sell.

  • Fast Service

    Online order placed by 1:00pm Mountain Time will ship same business day. Same day in person service available.


What types of key fobs do you copy?

We copy condo/apartment/office building access key fobs/cards. We can copy almost all of them. HID, HID Prox, HID iCLASS, Indala, Keri, AWID, ICT, Mircom, ioProx, Paradox, Pyramid, Keyscan, Schlage, SecuraKey, Salto, CDVI, Keri, generic, etc. The only key fobs we currently do not copy are: IR type fob/remote.

Is it legal to have my key fob/card copied?

Having your key fob copied is same as having your key duplicated. So, best consult with the person/office who issued you the fob/card. Most of the management office does not prohibit you from making copies of your own key fob. However if you work for large enterprise, company policy may prohibit you from coping your building access card.

Do I need to show you my ID to have my fob copied?

Absolutely no! Copying your key fob is like duplicating your key. We never ask for an ID check. We take your privacy seriously.

Does my new fob work the same? Will the management office know I have extra key fobs? Will the office management office deactivate my new fob?

Your new key fobs work exactly the same as your original key fob. Your management office cannot tell you are using a cloned key fob as they are identical to the reader. However if the management office deactivate your old key fob, your new key fob will stop working as well.

We are business/management office, do you offer volume order?

Yes, we do, our key fobs will work with your existing system and we can beat the price by ordering from large vendors such as HID, ICT, AWID, etc. We can also customize key fobs to fit your need. For example, we can special make epoxy key fobs with your company logo on it. Contact us for volume price.

Will my new fobs work? What happens if they don't work?

All key fobs purchased from us are guaranteed to work and they all come with 1-year warranty. In the very rare case if it's not working. We will replace or refund you.