UHF Tag Duplication Instruction

System requirements

An x64 Windows 10 or newer computer with a USB-A port is required. If you are not sure, please contact us. If you don't have a Windows computer, you are always welcome to mail your tag to us, we clone it for you.

It is highly recommended you download and run the app. Make sure the app runs before placing an order with us.

Software Download

The latest Windows software can be downloaded here: OkCloner.exe

Duplication instruction

  • Plug the reader into your computer, wait for a couple of minutes for Windows to install the driver, then open the application. If you don't see the login screen (the screen to prompts you to enter your order number and phone number), that means you may need to manually install the driver. Contact us if you are having trouble with this step:

  • UHF are long-range RFID technology. Move away any tag you do not intend to read/write for at least 5 ft / 1.5m from the reader.
  • Log in with your order number and your phone number associated with your order.
  • Place the original tag on the reader, and press "Read" button. If the read fails. Move the tag a little bit or lift it a little bit for about 2 inches / 5cm from the reader. Do not touch the antenna on the tag. Then try again until you see success.

  • Move away the original tag and place the new tag we send you onto the reader and perform a similar step as the above step, but click on "Write" instead.
  • You are done with the programming. Go ahead and test out the new tag. If you purchased the windshield tag from us. When testing it, do not touch the antenna on the tag. You can place it inside an envelope or hold the edge of the tag.
  • If you encounter any issues, please contact us. Our technical support team is here 7 days a week.