Dormakaba 10620 Key Fob

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Dormakaba 10620 key fobs are MIFARE Classic-based key fobs. Model number 10620-1 are MIFARE Classic 1K based fobs, and model number 10620-4 are MIFARE Classic 4K based fobs. The last two characters in the model number indicate the color of the fob. BK(black), GY(gray), BL(Blue), RD(red). The most commonly seen model is Dormakaba 10620-1-BK. We are able to duplicate all the Dormakaba 10620 key fobs.

Please note, the shape of the new key fobs we sell will look different than the original Salto key fob. If you want to buy the key fobs with the exact shape, please purchase them from your management office.

We support the following duplication methods for Dormakaba key fobs:

  • Use an NXP PN532 reader and clone it yourself.
  • Mail your key fob to Mr. Key Fob. Please contact us first, we will provide the shipping address for you to send your key fob in. Please place an order after you ship your original key fob to us with the tracking number so that we know which package we receive belongs to which customer.


Duplication Instruction for using an NXP PN532 reader:

One of the following computers is required:

  • 64-bit or ARM-based Windows computer.
  • 64-bit or Apple Silicon-based Mac (aka M1/M2 Mac) computer.

A lot of people do not know what is their computer's architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). Most PCs manufactured in the last two decades are supported. If you are not sure, please download our software and make sure you are able to run the software before you place an order.

You will also need an NXP PN532 reader to perform the read and write operation on the tag.

The software is open source and can be downloaded from here:

Just plug in the reader to your PC. Download the application that fits your environment (i.e. PN532-Cloner-Win-x64.exe for Windows and PN532-Cloner-Mac-x64 for macOS). Run the PN532-Cloner application and follow the instruction on the screen. No installation is required. Please note, that the Dormakaba key fobs are encrypted key fobs. It may take up to an hour to read(decrypt) your key fob. Please be patient.