Commonly Seen Technical Problems With Using Mr. Key Fob Technology

If at anytime you reach a technical problem, head to the product page FIRST, it likely has a helpful video or information to help you troubleshoot. If not helpful, here are some common error messages: i.e. tag won't read, error message, tag not in data base, remote not cloning, please reach out to AFTER following this troubleshooting guide.


Part 1, iClass Decoder: 

"I got my iClass decoder from trying to read iClass SE Fob/ HID Prox Fob to send information over, now what?"

If you need instructions how to use it, this video is helpful on how to use the reader:
Plug in the reader, reply to order confirmation email and scan your fob, it will auto-populate, then I can program your fob for you! Instructions start at 0:50.


Part 2, UHF Tag Cloning: 

"I got my UHF Tag Duplicator, now what?"

Head to UHF TAG DUPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS, the password for access is your email that you used to checkout on the platform. Download the program for your computer, windows or mac. Then run the program after plugging in the duplication device, place your tag on the reader in line with directions of the arrow on the dot, do the command: "r" then press enter, once it says read successful, place the blank tag you received from us and use the command: "w" followed by hitting the enter key, if you see success, it is good to go.
Troubleshooting tips: If the reader is having trouble reading or writing the tag, try shifting tag around near the middle of the device and retry command. Make sure not to have any other UHF tags within 1M of the device during commands and avoid duplication on metal surface. Make sure tag is placed like so:
Trouble at the garage reader: for windshield tags, fingers interfere with the frequency, so place tag in an envelop and re-try holding up to reader.

 "I get get something similar to this after ordering an UHF tag under "Other UHF Tags" and reading my tag:"

Detecting tags in the field...
Start reading a tag...
Reserved memory:
EPC memory (10-word):
TID memory (20-word):
User memory (8-word):Decoded EPC:
Backscattered EPC length: 6-word
User memory indicator: 0
XPC indicator: 0
EPC Type: EPC Global Application
Attribute Bits (1 byte data displayed in hex): 00
Backscattered EPC:
Mask Designer ID (MDID):
Tag Model Number:
Alien Technology

Please copy and paste all the information from the console and send to, and we will instruct you on the next steps by responding to the same email.

"I get error message write tag fail/ 'Received data length from USB is too short." 

Please move the tag around, try the command once again. Please make sure that it is aligned properly in the directions with the arrow (flip 90* as a last resort), keep using r/w followed by enter to read or write the tag, make sure no other UHF tags are in the surroundings. 

"I get error message write B EPC, error process command: "Responded cmd is different from the requested cmd"

Please close the UHF app and open it again, this should resolve the error.

"I get this error message after downloading the UHF program and trying to run it with the UHF software"

Please download the relevant driver from these links for your computer:

PART 3, Remotes: 

"The self learning remote I purchased from you is not programming correctly and learning the code, what did I do wrong?"

Please go back to the original product page and follow the video exactly, all past customer remote issues were as a result of customers not following instructions outlined in the video correctly, please try again on your own before reaching out.

If issue persists, please send short video of you programming the remote exactly as suggested in the video, including timing and sequence of button presses, we will examine the video and troubleshoot further if needed.


PART 4, PN532 Cloning: 

"I get error message when trying to write my tag, it read the tag just fine."

 Avoid placing reader on metal surfaces during writing.

"I get error message on mac not being able to open third party apps."

In your finder, ctrl+ click the PN532 file --> Open manually and it should work.

"I get error message: Unable to find NXP PN532 Reader"

Make sure to use the cable we sent, some USB cables are charging only. Ensure that the cable is plugged securely into the reader, try again, if issue still persists, try flipping the reader over and re-try plugging. This error message can also be due to an outdated driver from an older computer, search for a relevant driver on Github page:

Once finished this guide and issue still persists, prior to reaching out, please take a picture of relevant error messages, your setup with the tag on the reader, or a video with sound showcasing the issue (cloning with the remote for example), we will respond within 24 hours, if no email response after extended period, try calling 855-453-9362 to speak with a live agent.