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Key Fobs We Copy

We copy all RFID condo key fobs and office building access card/key card.

The list of key fobs brand we copy, we are not only limited to this list: HID, HID Prox, HID iCLASS, HID iCLASS SE, HID iCLASS SR, HID iCLASS Seos, DKS, ioProx, Indala, AWID, Mircom, Salto, G-Prox-II, ProxKey II, 1346 PROXKEY III, CIS, KTAG, Keri, Schlage, Pyramid, LVS, GeoProx, Viking, ICT, Keyscan, Datawatch Systems, Paradox, RadioKey, Condoplex, LNR, SecuraKey, Xceedid, Verex G-Prox, Amano, Miwalock, RBH Access, DKS, EMX4, Verex, Motorola, CDVI, EM, MIFARE, Kantech.

We provide copy/clone/backup service for RFID fobs/key or access cards for condos used for building entry, common elements area, pool, gym, BBQ areas, car park, garage etc.

We also copy some condo garage door remote.

We do not copy any RFID tags not used for access control such as car wash card, vending card, loyalty card, library card, student ID, gym membership card etc. We do not copy/duplicate/cut room keys to access your suite or house or mailbox. We do not duplicate car keys.