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ICT tags are commonly found in Toronto and Vancouver and they come with 3 variants:

  • Low-frequency (125 kHz) tags. Can be copied by using the serial number.
  • MIFARE Classic tags. This type always has an "MF" word on it. This type can be copied by sending your fob in or renting a cloner.
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1 rags. This type of tag always has a "DF" word on it. We cannot duplicate this type at this moment.

On the back of your ICT tag key fob, there are some numbers, and HID/POS/GT word listed something like this:
HID 178

POS 178

GT 178

If this is the case, just enter these two groups of numbers to place your order.

If your tag has "MF" or "GT 125" words or if there are only numbers but no character on it. It can only be copied by renting our cloner or sending it in. If your tag has "DF" words on it. We cannot copy it at this moment.


We support the following duplication methods for ICT fobs:

  • Duplicate by the serial number printed on your fob.
  • We ship you a cloner along with blank fobs (A deposit is required, a return shipping label will be provided*).
  • Mail your key fob in (shipping label to send your original key fob in will be provided within 1 day after you place your order*)


Notes for renting our equipment:

We provide free equipment rental to duplicate your RFID tags. We source the RFID duplication equipment from different vendors. All the equipment we provide is easy to use and guarantees to work with the RFID tags you intend to duplicate. Please return our equipment within 1 week after receiving it. Should the equipment is not returned on time, we assume you want to purchase it and we reserve the right to keep your deposit indefinitely.

* Shipping labels are only provided to USA customers.