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Introduced in 2002, HID® iCLASS® tags are the first generation of high-frequency RFID tags used for access control from HID®. HID® iCLASS® tags are based on the ISO/IEC 15693 standard. The HID® iCLASS® tags do not follow the NFC standard, therefore they can't be read with a phone or an NFC-only reader, which adds extra security compared to other NFC-compatible tags.

We are able to duplicate most HID® iCLASS® tags used in the USA, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada. Make sure to include pictures of your key fob/card as well as the reader on your building when placing an order, we will check the compatibility before we fulfill your order.

Instructions for Duplicating the Tag with a Windows computer

If you are renting a reader from us to clone the key fob, there is a one-time $40 deposit. A return shipping label is included for USA customers. Overseas customers need to pay for the return shipping themselves.

The instruction is for duplicating the tag on a Windows computer. If you are a Mac user, we will send out the instructions via email.

Only x64 Windows 10 or newer computers are supported. If you do not have access to a compatible Windows computer or if you do not wish to duplicate the tag yourself, you can mail your tag to us, we can duplicate it for you. All tags will be duplicated the same business day and will ship back to you the same business day if we receive your original tag by noon local time.

Below are the step-by-step instruction

  • Plug the reader we sent you into the computer, and put your original tag on the reader.
  • Download and run the cloner software from here: OkCloner.exe
  • Click on the "Read" button. You should see a success message.
  • Remove the original tag on the reader and put the new tag we sent you on the reader. If you purchased multiple tags from us, please only put one of them onto the reader.
  • Click on the "Write" button, you should see a "success" message.
  • If you purchased multiple tags from us, replace the tag on the reader with the new one and repeat the above step.

By downloading and using our software, you acknowledge and consent to the collection of your fob data by Mr. Key Fob. We assure you that all collected data will be stored securely and handled with the utmost confidentiality by our privacy policy. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the collection and storage of your fob data, please contact us for further assistance prior to placing any orders, if you place an order, you accept the data collection policy outlined.



Notes for renting our equipment:

We provide free equipment rental to duplicate your RFID tags. We source the RFID duplication equipment from different vendors. All our equipment is easy to use and guarantees to work with the RFID tags you intend to duplicate. Please return our equipment within 1 week of receiving it. Should the equipment is not returned on time, we assume you want to purchase it and we reserve the right to keep your deposit indefinitely. 

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