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DKS UHF Windshield Tag (AVI Tags)

DKS UHF Windshield Tag (AVI Tags)

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DKS AVI tags are UHF tags mainly used in some condos in the LA area.

The specific model numbers for each tag are listed below:

AVI Tags
1508-195 Headlight Tag
1508-199 License Plate Tag
1508-191 UHF Tag
1508-198 UHF / DK Prox Dual Tag (works with AVI and DK
Prox Readers)
1815-318 Windshield tag holder (optional)
1815-319 Rearview mirror holder (optional)

The most commonly seen DKS UHF tag is 1508-191 UHF Tag. Most DKS UHF tags have a "UHF" word as well as two groups of serial number printed on them.

DKS UHF tag can simply be copied by using the serial number. 

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