Doorking DKS MicroPLUS Remotes

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Doorking DKS MicroPLUS remotes come with 3-button (8071), 2-button (8070) and 1-button(8069) variants. The specific model numbers are listed below:

1-button: 8069-080

2-button: 8070-080

3-button: 8071-080

1-button with HID prox chip: 8069-084

2-button with HID prox chip: 8070-084

3-button with HID prox chip: 8071-084

We carry Doorking DKS MicroPLUS 3-button (8071-080) remotes. The 3-button remotes are backward compatible with 1-button and 2-button remotes.

If you need to order remotes with Prox chips, please contact us, we support HID Prox, AWID, ID Tek prox chips.