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Employee Badge Printing Service! (With RFID function) PROXIMITY CARDS

Employee Badge Printing Service! (With RFID function) PROXIMITY CARDS

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  • We offer the best price GURANTEED, we will beat any competitor's price by 20% who offer the same type of service.

Welcome to Mr. Key Fob's new employee badge printing Service!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology can be used not only to identify and track objects but people as well. This proximity card/ID badge is made of sturdy PVC and works seamlessly with most RFID systems.

We can print ID badges now, completely compatible with the RFID Tap function/ Card Access.

With cards made by Mr. Key Fob, you can now provide identification for new students, employees, contractors, vendors, club members, and others in schools, offices, plants, government buildings, military bases, hospitals, banks, credit cards, insurance companies, or any businesses/ institutions that work with sensitive information or significant sums of money. 

  • Durable plastic with a smooth, glossy surface.
  • Printable on both sides.
  • We can also produce VISITOR BADGES
  • RFID Function customized to each employee!
  • Variable memory sizes based on inlay type
  • Read distance is 2.5 inches and up to 20 feet depending on model

Email in your logo, customize pictures, shapes, colors, barcodes, and anything else that you may want to personalize on these employee ID Cards! The ID badge can be custom printed with or without RFID functionality. Our RFID cards work with a variety of systems and brands. We can also pre-encode and pre-print your ID cards to ship to your offices/buildings directly with the cloning kit to tailor to your needs. 

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