ICT Remotes

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The OEM ICT remotes come in different variants. ICT remotes come with 2 buttons or 4 buttons variants. For the prox chip inside the remotes, ICT remotes also come with HID Prox format, as well as MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire EV1 formats (requires ICT dual-frequency readers).

We stock the commonly used OEM ICT remotes. If you need other types, we can special order them. Other formats model numbers are: RF-REM2-433, RF-REM2-433-MF, RF-REM2-433-DF, RF-REM4-433, RF-REM4-433-HID, RF-REM4-433-MF and RF-REM4-433-DF.

We also carry the aftermarket remotes that will work with your existing ICT system. The aftermarket remotes are much cheaper than the OEM remotes and they work the same. All the aftermarket remotes we carry have 4 buttons (will work with the 2 button system).