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Indala® Fob

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Indala® tags are low-frequency (125 kHz) tags widely used in some old buildings. We are able to duplicate all Indala® tags. Some Indala® tags can be duplicated by the serial number.

We support the following duplication methods for Indala tags:

  • We ship you a cloner along with blank fobs (A deposit is required, a return shipping label will be provided*).
  • Mail your key fob in (shipping label to send your original key fob in will be provided within 1 day after you place your order*).
  • Duplicate by serial number. We can only duplicate by the serial if there's a "B" character in the serial number such as the example shown below:


Notes for renting our equipment:

We provide free equipment rental to duplicate your RFID tags. We source the RFID duplication equipment from different vendors. All the equipment we provide is easy to use and guarantees to work with the RFID tags you intend to duplicate. Please return our equipment within 1 week after receiving it. Should the equipment is not returned on time, we assume you want to purchase it and we reserve the right to keep your deposit indefinitely.

* Shipping labels are only provided to USA customers.