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Kantech ioProx Fob

Regular price $20.00

Kantech ioProx tags are low-frequency (125 kHz) tags widely used in the USA and Canada. 

We can copy ioProx fob by the serial number printed on the fob. If you see "XSF" word followed by some numbers or letters, just send us the content followed by "XSF", in this example, just enter "(01): FC:10211" as the serial number when placing an order. If the serial number is no longer visible, you can rent a cloner from us or send your key fob in.




    Notes for renting our equipment:

    We provide free equipment rental to duplicate your RFID tags. We source the RFID duplication equipment from different vendors. All the equipment we provide is easy to use and guarantees to work with the RFID tags you intend to duplicate. Please return our equipment within 1 week of receiving it. Should the equipment is not returned on time, we assume you want to purchase it and we reserve the right to keep your deposit indefinitely.


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