Kantech Remote

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Kantech remotes come with 2 button variants (Kantech P82WLS-TAG Kantech P82WLS) as well as 4 button variants (Kantech P84WLS-TAG Kantech P84WLS). FCC ID: LW3-CLIK64T. The remotes are made by Active Secure Inc. in Canada.

We will be able to duplicate all Kantech remotes.

We support the following duplication method for Kantech remotes:

  • Mail-in your remote. The buyer is responsible for shipping your remote to our Calgary location or Toronto location. We will provide the shipping address for the store closest to you after you place your order.

If you would like to just get the tap part copied. i.e. tap the remote to access the building entrance door, you can use this link: Kantech ioProx Fob. You can use the serial number highlighted below when you are placing your order.