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Other Key Fobs

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If your condo key fob is not listed on this page, we suggest you use the search function at the bottom or request customer support through online chat. 

If it's not there, we can likely copy it. When you place an order, include a picture of your fob. If your key fob is not supported, we will cancel your order.

If you can't upload relevant photos, please contact us first via phone, email or online support.

You can rent one of our cloners (requires a deposit) 

Note for renting our equipment:

We provide free equipment rental to duplicate your RFID tags. We source the RFID duplication equipment from different vendors. All the equipment we provide is easy to use and guarantees to work with the RFID tags you intend to duplicate. Please return our equipment within 1 week of receiving it. Should the equipment is not returned on time, we assume you want to purchase it and we reserve the right to keep your deposit indefinitely.


Or you can buy a Keysy cloner:

We now partner with the RFID duplicator leader Tiny Labs to make the duplication even easier, you can also purchase a Keysy device to duplicate the tag yourself, please check the instruction video below:



If you would like to purchase a Keysy device, please use the following link to receive 5% off your purchase!