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Farpointe Data / Keri Systems Remote

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Farpointe Data / Keri Systems remotes come with 2 or 4 buttons. In the Toronto area, some Farpointe Data / Kri Systems remotes are also branded with RBH Access remotes. In the Vancouver area and Toronto area, some Farpointe Data /Keri Systems remotes are rebranded with blue button Keyscan remotes (Keyscan K-TX2). These remotes are also rebranded under Mircom TX3-WRT-2H (2-button) or Mircom TX3-WRT-4H (4-button)

The model number for the 2 button remotes is: WRT-2+ or TX3-WRT-2H

The model number for the 4 button remotes is: WRT-4+ or TX3-WRT-4H or K-TX2

We have made some progress on duplicating the Farpointe Data / Keri Systems remotes. We are currently in the experimental phase. If you want to get your remote duplicated, please contact us. We cannot guarantee the cloned remotes will be functional at this moment.

We are currently in the process of working on the self-learning remotes that can copy the Farpointe Data / Keri Systems / Keyscan K-TX2/ Blue button Keyscan / RBH Access remotes.