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Farpointe Data / Keri Systems / Mircom / RBH Access Remote

Farpointe Data / Keri Systems / Mircom / RBH Access Remote

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Farpointe Data remotes come with 2 or 4 buttons. The remotes are made by Farpointe Data. FCC ID: T8I-RANGER or T8I-RANGER2.

Some Farpointe Data remotes are also branded to Keri Systems, RBH Access, Mircom, Cansec.

The model number for the 2 button remotes is: WRT-2+ or TX3-WRT-2H

The model number for the 4 button remotes is: WRT-4+ or TX3-WRT-4H


We support the following duplication method for Keyscan K-TX2 remotes:

  • Due to some reports from some customers, this product is mail-in only.

If you absolutely NEED a self-learning remote and cannot afford to mail the remote in, we do offer a self-learning remote ($120 USD) as seen in the video below, you can email us to inquire further, however, if for whatever reason you cannot get it to work, you are responsible to ship the item back and we will refund the item minus the shipping costs and credit card fees.

Because the remote we sell will emit radio frequency. It is required by law to have an FCC certification in place to be able to sell the product in the USA. We stopped selling the remote until we acquire the FCC license. If you need to purchase this product, please contact us, other sellers may still have some samples in stock.

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