Secura Key e*Tag

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Secura Key (SecuraKey) e*Tags are Secura Key's high-frequency products. They come in different formats (ETCI ISO Card, ETST Key Tag, ETKT Key Tag, and ETAT Adhesive Label). There are key tags as well as cards. We are able to duplicate all the Secura Key e*Tag tags.

We support the following duplication methods for Secura Key e*Tag tags:

  • Read your tag with an Android phone and provide Mr. Key Fob with a screenshot (see instructions below).
  • Mail your key fob to Mr. Key Fob. Please contact us first, we will provide the shipping address for you to send your key fob in. Please place an order after you ship your original key fob to us with the tracking number so that we know which package we receive belongs to which customer.

Instruction for reading the data with an Android phone:

You will need an NFC-compatible Android phone (most newer phones have an NFC module built-in). iPhones are not supported at this moment. Download an app called "NFC TagInfo by NXP", this app can be found in any app store. Then go to the "FULL SCAN" tab. Then scan your tag. Take a screenshot of the read result of the "FULL SCAN" tab and attach it to the order when you checkout. We have included a screenshot below as an example: