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Schlage Key Fob

Schlage Key Fob

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Schlage key fobs come in different variants. The most common ones found in the market are Proximity (7610T), MIFARE Classic (9651T) as well as dual-chip (9691T). However, MIFARE Plus SE (5652T), as well as MIFARE DESFire EV2 (2620T) variants, are also found in newer buildings.

We support the following duplication methods for Schlage tags:

  • Buy a NXP PN532 reader and clone it yourself.
  • Buy a Proximity reader and clone it yourself.
  • Buy both readers (for dual-chip fobs)
  • Mail-in your fob to either our US fulfillment center or Canadian fulfillment center (You can email us for detailed instructions).

Duplication Instructions


Please purchase a proximity RFID duplicator with your order to duplicate your 7610/7610T fob.

9651/9651T (MIFARE Classic)

One of the following computers is required:

  • x64 or ARM-based Windows computer.
  • x64 or Apple Silicon-based Mac (aka M1/M2 Mac) computer.

A lot of people do not know what is their computer's architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). Most PCs manufactured in the last two decades are supported. If you are not sure, please download our software and make sure you are able to run the software before you place an order.

You will also need an NXP PN532 reader to perform the read-and-write operation on the tag.

The software is open source and can be downloaded from here:

Just plug in the reader to your PC. Download the application that fits your environment (i.e. PN532-Cloner-Win-x64.exe for Windows and PN532-Cloner-Mac-x64 for macOS). Run the PN532-Cloner application and follow the instructions on the screen. No installation is required.

Please note, due to the Schlage key fobs being encrypted key fobs, it takes time to decrypt the key fob, please wait for up to 30 minutes for it to finish reading.

9691T (Dual-chip)

9691T is a dual-chip tag. This means there are two RFID chips built in. We do not offer dual-chip key fobs, therefore, if you opt for the option to buy the 2 readers from us, for every fob you order from us, you will get 2 fobs (one is a low-frequency fob to access the common area doors and another one is a MIFARE Classic fob to access the suite door).  We will send you a low-frequency duplicator and the fob(s) that come with it to duplicate the low-frequency chip, and we will also send you a PN532 reader and the fob(s) that come with it to duplicate the MIFARE Classic chip. 

Please follow the instructions for duplicating the 9651/9651T (MIFARE Classic) tag to duplicate the MIFARE Classic chip (the MIFARE Classic chip is usually used to access your suite door and your common area if the reader on your building supports it).

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