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Tres UHF Parking Tags

Tres UHF Parking Tags

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  • We offer the best price GURANTEED, we will beat any competitor's price by 20% who offer the same type of service.

Tres UHF Parking Tags are used widely in North America, it will usually say Tres on the tag or Tres900 on the reader (square machine outside of the building).

Please be sure to upload a picture of your tag and the reader. If we cannot duplicate your tag, we will cancel your order at no cost to you.


  • We ship you a cloner with blank tag(s), you can clone it yourself. Requires a 64-bit Windows computer. The instructions are below, the login is your email during checkout. For this moment, the software currently only supports WINDOWS computers only.

The detailed instructions are on UHF Tag Duplication Instructions, you will be able to access the page after your order is shipped, the password to access the page is the email address you provided on your order (cap-lock sensitive!)

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